Lets start with defining a “Lead”. A Lead is a potential customer your business targets for a product or service. The source of the leads typically happens when that person submits personal information through offers, trials, social media, website landing pages, or email campaigns.

For example, you provide your information to a furniture store’s website so they can contact you by phone or email with special offers. By providing your information, you are now a Lead to that company. Lead Generation is the process of attracting potential people your business and converting them into customers.


Penetrate your target segment and engage with key decision-makers and customers. We can do both B2B and B2C. We can maximize business sales leads and develop those not-ready-for-engagement prospects into active sales prospects.


When building a lead generation program, you can:
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Sales and Profit
  • Increase Social Media Following
  • Build Positive Customer Relationships
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Create Business Opportunities
  • Close Deals!


1. Less Financial Headache

It’s not just personnel costs either: Think of all the time and budget that go into infrastructure, support, and administrative costs. Those indirect, hidden expenses add up quickly, but with an outsourced sales solutions partner, you don’t have to shoulder those costs – or the headache that comes with them.

2. Easier Budget

It’s usually easier to find an unused area of your budget or repurpose an existing budget to hire an outsourced lead generation team who’s available on your timing. That way, your ramped up sales cycle gets moving faster and with less worries.

3. Warmer Appointments For Sales

Having an outsourced lead generation partner turn your leads into warm appointments for sales helps your existing sales team do more of their best work: closing final sales and more robust follow-up on all of your marketing efforts, leading to fewer leads slipping through the cracks.

4. Better Feedback For Marketing

With a partner that gives your sales and marketing teams crystal clear feedback on lead quality and success rates, you are empowered how to generate better quality leads and profile them with precision.

5. Robust Sales Cycles and Shorter Time to Ramp

When an outsourced sales partner delivers higher-quality warm appointments to your internal sales team, it reduces your follow-up time on initial leads. In addition, an outsourced lead generation team is already bought into your program, so they start kicking off your sales cycle on day one.


Blogging and Newsletters

Blogging and newsletters is a great lead generation strategy to communicate regularly with your interested prospects. It is important to inform your prospects about any sales, special offers, updates about your services, or upcoming company events. By using this strategy you are keeping your company and brand top-of-mind.

Coupons and Promo Codes

Who doesn’t love saving money? This is an an important lead generation strategy when making a first impression on a prospect. For example, when a visitor enters your website, offer a 10% off coupon or promo code for subscribing to your email list. Right away, you have gauged your prospects interest.

Offer a Free Trial

Most users are hesitant to commit to a product or service with little knowledge of how it works. Offering a free trial open the door to a potential long-term relationship with that prospect.


Networking is a lead generation strategy that allows you to connect with the right people. Social media networking can be used for targeting ads, promoting sales, updates about your company, and interacting with your followers. However, it is also important to get your name and business out there in front of the right people. This can be done at industry events, seminars, and conventions just to name a few. You will have the opportunity to answer questions and provide the one-on-one attention you can’t always do online.


Chatbots are an effective tool that can often provide 24/7 flexibility to interact with a user. There is a short window to capturing your users attention once they enter your website. This automated function can often be programed to match your brand’s personality. After making initial contact and gaining information from the user, a live employee will taking over the contact exchange.

Create Gated Content

Gated content requires a user to fill out a form or submit their contact information when visiting your website to view the content. This is a powerful lead generation strategy because it provides the user free valuable information simply in exchange for their contact information. Often the users’ name and email address.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a lead generation goldmine. Lets face it, social media is changing the way we live our lives and it’s almost unavoidable. In 2021, there are nearly 3.5 billion people using some form of social media. It can be used for targeting ads, promoting sales, updates about your company, and interacting with your followers.

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